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Learn More About The Dentist House in Ridgecrest, CA


Thank you for choosing The Dentist House as your dental care provider. Our dental office is located in a beautiful office that looks like a Victorian house. We always strive to provide the best dental care and customer service throughout the entire Ridgecrest, California area.

Our office is not only beautiful, it is modern and is equipped with all of the latest technology needed to provide you with a fast, safe, and painless dental experience. Our patients have come to trust us as we continue to serve them the best that we can.

When you come into our office, you will be greeted by friendly staff members who love their jobs. We do everything possible to ensure your appointment is enjoyable and relaxing from the moment you walk in.

Dr. Mamaliger provides care for the entire family. He excels in many forms of dental care including crowns, bridges, endodontic treatments, cosmetic dental procedures, and more.

It is not common to find a dental office in Ridgecrest, CA with the same extensive list of procedures and accommodations that you’ll find here at The Dentist House. We are especially proud to be able to offer dental implant solutions for our patients who are suffering from missing teeth!

Whether you are missing a tooth or just want to improve the look of your current smile, we have a comfortable solution to help you achieve your smile goals!

Give us a call today at 760-657-4049 to schedule your appointment with us. You can even contact us using our convenient online form!