Remaking Your Smile Can Be Uplifting Too

  • August 22, 2016


One of the reasons we work in dentistry is because want to help people.

In general, we want all our patients to have healthy mouths that are free from decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues. When these problems occur, we also want our patients in and around Ridgecrest, CA, to know that we are here to resolve those problems.

And we have learned from years of experience that dental care is personal, too.

Each patient has his or her own reasons for wanting things done. This is why we offer smile makeovers — which can combine cosmetic and restorative dentistry — at The Dentist House.

Many times this is about more than just helping someone’s smile look nicer.

The Social Effect Of A Smile

By the time, we become adults, most of us are able to discern the difference between a genuine smile and a forced smile.

We know there are social benefits of smiling and more specifically of having a nice smile. Surveys have shown that people with nice smiles are considered:

  • Friendlier
  • More Attractive
  • More Confident
  • More Successful
  • More Trustworthy

This is not something we may be aware of in the moment, but we certainly develop impressions of others based on the expressions on their faces.

Given the value that we place on having nice teeth in our society (and we do), have a “bad” smile or “bad” teeth how other people treat you.

This is true in social and professional encounters.

It affects how a salesperson approaches you or how you are received as a salesperson.

It can affect how you are perceived during a job interview (regardless of which seat you are sitting in).

And it can affect how receptive a potential romantic partner is to your invitation for a date.

Holding You Back

It’s just important how you perceive your own smile. If you feel comfortable with your teeth and with your smile, then you may smile more easily around other people.

These kinds of genuine smiles can affect people in positive ways.

On the flip side, someone who does not like his or her smile, no matter the reason, can start to feel less and less confident about themselves over time. If he or she concludes that other people are reacting negatively to their teeth, they may feel compelled to hid their teeth as much as possible.

For some, this means trying not to smile. For others, it can mean trying to talk as little as possible, even when they should do so.

And in some cases, people with go to extremes to avoid exposing their teeth to others. Some examples include people who hold a hand or a napkin over their mouth whenever they speak.

This makes for an awkward encounter. It may even reduce how well the other people hears what is being said, especially if the constant presence of the hand or napkin can become a distraction.

Moving Forward

We can’t promise this will be the case for every patient, but we have seen firsthand how a smile makeover can lift a person’s spirits.

The makeover process begins with a consultation with our dentist. The purpose of this meeting is to listen to you. We are not judging you. We want to understand how you perceive your smile and how you would like to change it.

Once we understand where you are emotionally then we can address the physical changes you would like to make to your teeth.

For one person, this may mean scheduling a teeth whitening treatment or getting veneers to improve the whiteness of his or her teeth.

For another person, this could be dental bonding or dental implants to repair chipped or broken teeth.

For the next person, it may mean dental implants to replace missing teeth.

Many times, it involves a combination of services. As just one example, a person may come to us with stained teeth that include a few that are chipped or broken.

We may recommend a teeth whitening treatment to be followed up by a pair of dental crowns to give their smile a brighter and more uniform appearance.

We Want To Help You Smile Again

If you can relate to some of the sentiments we have described above, please know that the staff at The Dentist House in Ridgecrest, CA, will not judge you on the condition of your teeth. Our goal is to help you improve your smile so you can feel comfortable sharing it with others.

A smile makeover could change your perception of yourself as well as how you are perceived by others.

To learn more or to request a consultation, call 760-657-4049 or fill out our online form. We’re here because we want to help.