The Best Way To Whiten Your Teeth

  • August 5, 2016


You look in the mirror. That can’t be right.

You lean in to take a closer look at your smile. When did your teeth become so, so … yellow?

You don’t understand it. You brush your teeth, twice, every day with whitening toothpaste. You visit the dentist for routine cleanings and examinations.

And yet, you can see for yourself that your teeth are not the “pearly whites” that you would like them to be. Maybe it’s time to get one of those other whitening products that are so plentiful in the toothpaste aisle.

Or maybe you should call The Dentist House in Ridgecrest, CA, to ask about professional teeth whitening.

In-Office Whitening

Before we go any further, we want you to know something. It’s normal for teeth to get yellower as people get older.

If you think about it, a 40-year old coffee drinker has had thousands more cups of espresso, cappuccino, or plain black coffee than a 20-year-old. Each cup of coffee or glass of tea or plate of pasta has left a little bit behind on your teeth. Over time, that builds up even if brushing removes the surface stains on your teeth.

If you want to remove the deeper stains, you will need some kind of teeth whitening products. For this job, “whitening” toothpaste isn’t going to do what you want to be done.

The fastest way to remove those deep stains from your teeth is with professional teeth whitening done in a dentist’s office.

At The Dentist House, we use Zoom whitening products for our patients.

In about an hour, a Zoom whitening treatment can make your teeth up to eight shades whiter. When you are finished, you will be able to tell that your teeth are whiter and brighter than when you sat in one of our dental chairs.

For whiter teeth in the shortest amount time, ask about an in-office treatment with Zoom whitening. This is a great option for anyone who wants their teeth whitening quickly for an upcoming event, like a wedding or class reunion.

Take-Home Whitening

While we are happy to do in-office teeth whitening, we know some people prefer to do things on their own.

This is why we offer take-home products as well. Please be aware, that they will not work as quickly as our in-office treatments, but the end results will be comparable.

We want your whitening to be as effective as possible, so we will create custom-fitted trays for you to wear during your whitening treatments.

A custom-fitted conforms to the individual shape of your teeth so you get a more uniform appearance to your teeth. This reduces the risk of spotty whitening where some teeth are whiter than others or even parts of one tooth are whiter than other parts.

It’s important that you use these products as directed in order to achieve the best results. By doing so, you should see a noticeable improvement in the brightness of your smile in a matter of a few weeks.

A Word Of Caution

As we alluded to earlier, whitening products are abundant today. You can find dozens in almost any toothpaste aisle.

This boom in teeth whitening also caught the attention of the American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs. A few years ago they researched these various products and issued a statement about them.

According to the council, “whitening” toothpaste only removes surface stains from your teeth. By that definition, practically any toothpaste could be considered a whitening product.

When most people think of whitening, they think of products that contain a bleaching agent (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide). Both commercial and professional whitening products use these agents, but professional products can contain concentrations 7 to 11 times stronger than commercial products.

That is why professional products are so much more effect, and why you can’t get professional products at a retail store.

The last bit of advice from the ADA council is not about the products themselves but about you. Teeth whitening is not advisable for every patient. Prior oral health problems could result in teeth whitening causing more problems in some cases.

That’s why it’s important to consult with your dentist before starting any teeth whitening treatment (commercial or professional). If you are not a good candidate for teeth whitening, we may be able to recommend a different service to give you similar results.

Call Us First

If you are disappointed with your stained or yellow teeth, then contact The Dentist House to make an appointment. You can fill out our online form or call 760-657-4049.

We will be happy to help you with our professional teeth whitening or another cosmetic treatment to give you a whiter and brighter smile.