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Whether you need to heal from an injured or decayed tooth, or you are looking for a dentist who won’t scare you, we have your solutions here at The Dentist House. After you’ve heard from our current patients, you’ll be ready to call 760-446-7343 for your appointment. You can even contact us using our convenient online form.

  • Emma Neipp

    Emma Neipp
  • Stephen Neipp

    Stephen Neipp
  • Lori Roberts

    Lori Roberts
  • Tess Schultz

    Tess Schultz
  • Elizabeth Shoaf

    Elizabeth Shoaf
  • Christy Garcia

    Christy Garcia
  • Frances Gutierrez

    Frances Gutierrez
  • Mike Holbrook

    Mike Holbrook
  • John Cobbett

    John Cobbett
  • Melissa Naslund

    Melissa Naslund
  • Melinda Hintz

    Melinda Hintz
  • Julia Black

    Julia Black
  • Stacey Bindschatel

    Stacey Bindschatel
  • Christopher Hollaran

    Christopher Hollaran
  • Lowell Torix

    Lowell Torix
  • William Riedl

    William Riedl
  • Nick Rogers

    Nick Rogers
  • Wade Marley

    Wade Marley