Dental Crowns & Bridges

Transform Your Smile with Crowns and Bridges in Ridgecrest, CA

Are you missing a few teeth? Do you hate the way your teeth look when you smile? Stop worrying and call The Dentist House today! We offer two of the most common restorative procedures including dental crowns and bridges. The reason dental bridges and crowns are popular is because they are affordable, and they mimic natural teeth.

Dental crowns and bridges are a wonderful option for patients who are not able to undergo other procedures, like dental implants. Give us a call today to discuss your options!

Why Choose Dental Crowns and Bridges?

Dental crowns and bridges are ideal restorative solutions to missing, stained, and cracked teeth because they replace and hide flaws. Crowns and bridges mimic natural teeth so you will be able to continue life as normal. You will not experience any difference when you speak or chew. Dental bridges and crowns are designed to provide you with a custom fit and feel that enhances the way your smile looks.

After the procedure is over and your bridge or crown has been placed, you will quickly forget that it is there. The artificial teeth are matched to your natural tooth color to create an almost invisible solution.

We Specialize in Dental Bridges

If you are missing a tooth or teeth, you have options to replace them. Dental bridges are usually relied on to replace your teeth, especially when dental implants are not an option for you. If you are missing teeth, you may feel embarrassed, and you may feel as though you cannot smile in public. Others who are missing teeth experience the same feelings, and Dr. Mamaliger wants to change that!

If you are interested in dental bridges, you will receive a comprehensive consultation. During the consultation, Dr. Mamaliger will make sure that you are an ideal candidate for the procedure before continuing with it. Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth in your mouth and can replace one tooth or a series of missing teeth.

The bridge is made up of dental crowns that are aligned in a series. The dental crowns are typically made from porcelain. Your permanent teeth surrounding the gap where you are missing teeth act as an anchor for the dental bridge.

Dental bridges are designed to provide comfort. They should not slip or cause irritation to your gums. If you are ready to find a solution for your missing tooth, give The Dentist House a call today.

We Specialize in Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a restorative procedure that is performed to help cover any flaws in your teeth. Many people who have dental crowns placed do so because they suffer from staining, broken teeth, chips, or severe decay.

Once the crown is placed on the tooth, the crown will provide a protective barrier to keep the tooth from continuing to break or decay. If you have gaps in your teeth, crowns can help fill in the gaps and provide you with a straight, beautiful smile.

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