Protect Your Teeth with Custom-Made Mouthguards in Ridgecrest, CA

Do you grind your teeth in the middle of the night? Are you suffering from headaches because of your teeth grinding? Are you snoring throughout the night? Don’t worry! The Dentist House is ready to help you. We specialize in TMJ treatments, headache solutions, and mouthguards to help provide you with the relief you need from your dental disorders.

What Is a Mouthguard?

If you are in need of a mouthguard, we can custom-make one to fit your mouth. There are two different types of mouthguards we offer: sports guards and night guards.

Sports mouthguards are in place to help provide you or your child with protection when playing sports. The mouthguard acts to protect the teeth should trauma occur to the mouth. With this added protection, it is less likely that any of your teeth will fall out.

A night mouthguard is used to help protect your teeth from bruxism or teeth grinding. Most people suffer from tooth grinding in the middle of the night, and they do not even realize they do it until they wake up and their jaw hurts. We will provide you with a custom-fit mouthguard to ensure you do not break a tooth while you sleep!

TMJ Splint Therapy

If you suffer from a TMJ disorder, Dr. Mamaliger will provide you with the relief you need through splint therapy. The splints are placed in the mouth to prevent the awkward movement of the jaw. The splints work to provide you with the relief you need from jaw pain. Our team of staff will work with you to find the right TMJ treatment for you.

Solutions for Your Snoring

If you have sleep apnea or you snore during your sleep, The Dentist House can provide you with relief. We specialize in oral appliances and other alternatives to CPAP therapy. When needed, we will have a sleep study performed to ensure we properly diagnose your condition quickly and efficiently.

Sleep apnea can be a dangerous condition, especially if it is not caught in time. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our office to have a sleep study performed.

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